The Georgia Beef Board presents, Can-Do Cowkids

Meet Cody and Cassidy — two Can-Do Cowkids who love learning new skills and working hard to achieve their goals! Join them on the farm as they take care of their cattle after a big Georgia rain storm in this brand new children's book published by the Georgia Beef Board.

South Dakota author Amanda Radke and Minnesota artist Michelle Weber brought this realistic story to life in such a way that young readers will explore beef industry careers and be empowered to believe in themselves. This book will teach kids how they, too, can dream big and become Can-Do Cowkids just like Cody and Cassidy. With colorful illustrations and a recipe for delicious beef pizza, this book is engaging and educational and we invite you to join us on this exciting day on the farm!

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Teacher Testimonials

"My students loved Can-Do Cowkids! Many of the students did not know there was so much work to do on a farm or that the beef we enjoy comes from a cow. I really think this book can help students learn about all the hard work that goes into getting food to their plate. Thank you to everyone who helped make this book happen for the student everywhere that will enjoy a trip to the farm to learn about Beef cattle through this awesome book." 

–Mrs. Minish, 2nd Grade Teacher

"The Can-Do Cowkids is a fun, educational book that teaches children about life on a farm. Readers can learn about cows, hard work, careers in agriculture, the ecosystem, nutrition and so much more.  The children characterized in the book use problem solving skills to learn more about the farm, their environment, and discover solutions to difficult situations. The book is well organized with a glossary to assist children with challenging words.  Best of all, the book ends with beef recipes that children can enjoy cooking and eating.  A fun book, an easy read, and an educational resource." 

-Karen L. Rutter, Ed. D

Author, Northbounders

Former High School Principal

Former Foods and Nutrition Educator