Beef For the Classroom

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We have a variety of materials available for teachers and students. From recipes to beef cut charts, we have everything you need to make beef in the classroom a delicious and enjoyable experience for students of all skill sets, and to inspire of the next generation of beef lovers! 

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Beef in the Classroom Grant Program

The Beef in the Classroom grant program helps teachers buy beef products to be used in middle school and high school Family & Consumer Science and Agriculture classes across the state of Georgia. This program will help educators to strengthen their lessons about beef selection, storage, preparation, nutrition, and food safety by having funds available to buy and prepare beef with their students. The grant reimburses teachers between $50-$250 per year, depending upon class size. This effort is made possible by Georgia cattle farmers and ranchers, through the $1 per head beef checkoff.

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Beef Carcass Breakdown

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The Cattle Educational Traveling Trunks are an innovative educational initiative developed through a collaborative effort between the Georgia Beef Board, Georgia Cattlewomen's Association, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, and Georgia Farm Bureau. Designed for students in grades K-12, these trunks provide a comprehensive and engaging curriculum featuring 52 meticulously crafted lessons and hands-on activities that can be used for classroom lessons to farm field days. The primary objective is to inspire and educate the next generation about the vital role of beef and dairy cattle in agriculture while promoting an understanding of the industry’s contributions to nutrition, sustainability, and our everyday lives.  To request a trunk for your upcoming event please contact your local Georgia Farm Bureau office. 

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American Farm bureau foundation for agriculture

Thanks to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, we now have a complete classroom curriculum instructors can use as an educational resource for students to learn more about beef.   Lessons are broken into chapters designed for 45-90 minute class periods. Topics include Agriculture in America, Overview of Beef Production, FFA and Ag in the Classroom, Touring the Ranch, the Art of Butchery – Basic Cookery and Safety, Sausage Making, Burger Challenge, the Art of BBQ, the True Beef Cooking Challenge, and more. 

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