Beef For the Classroom

Teacher with children in the classroom

We have a variety of materials available for teachers and students. From recipes to beef cut charts, we have everything you need to make beef in the classroom a delicious and enjoyable experience for students of all skill sets, and to inspire of the next generation of beef lovers! 

Beef Carcass Breakdown

Beef cutting introduction

Beef cutting 1

Beef cutting 2

Beef cutting 3

American Farm bureau foundation for agriculture

Thanks to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, we now have a complete classroom curriculum instructors can use as an educational resource for students to learn more about beef.   Lessons are broken into chapters designed for 45-90 minute class periods. Topics include Agriculture in America, Overview of Beef Production, FFA and Ag in the Classroom, Touring the Ranch, the Art of Butchery – Basic Cookery and Safety, Sausage Making, Burger Challenge, the Art of BBQ, the True Beef Cooking Challenge, and more. 

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