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As you wind your way through the countryside on a summer evening, you pass pastures on each side of the road filled with cattle of all shapes, sizes and colors grazing peacefully in the field as the sun sets. Somewhere on the back forty acres, the farmer who owns these cows finishes putting up his first cutting of hay for the year – just the start of

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a long, hot summer ahead of him. Like you, he works tirelessly throughout the year to provide for his family. He goes to Church on Sunday morning and his wife is part of the local PTA. He is a Georgia cattleman. He makes a commitment on a daily basis to provide safe, wholesome and nutritious beef for you, the American consumer.

Today, he faces challenges on and off the farm. As consumers have become more educated and aware of the food they feed their families, they began to wonder what happens to those cows they see grazing in the pasture on the side of the road. Cattlemen across Georgia have heard this concern. Through programs such as Beef Quality Assurance and Age and Source Verification, producers make a commitment to the consumer to bridge the gap from the pasture to the plate.

With this portion of the website, we hope you can glimpse what these programs mean and understand more about our safe supply of beef that’s better for you, and better for dinner, than ever before! 


The cattle industry plays a prominent role in agriculture throughout the state. In fact, there are cattle in every county of the state and it is the sixth largest commodity. How many cattle are near you? Check out the report from the National Agricultural Statistical Service by clicking on the picture to the left.

To celebrate Georgia's safe beef supply, invite friends and neighbors to join you for supper. It's always a special occasion with beef!

"So God Made a Farmer." Those famous words spoken by the iconic Paul Harvey 35 years ago at the FFA Convention still ring true today. The average US Farmer produces enough food to feed 155 people. Do you know any farmers near you?


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