Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and a nutritious diet is a great place to start. Here you will find reproducible materials, graphics and charts, links to helpful websites, as well as materials that are available by order from the Georgia Beef Board to help educate and promote a healthier you. 

Reproducible Materials - (click titles to download/print)

General Nutrition 

29 Cuts of Lean Beef Wallet Card

Percent of Individuals Not Meeting RDA

Trans Fatty Acid Fact Sheet

Food Safety

Food Safety Information Resource

Irradiation Fact Sheet

Graphics & Charts

29 Ways to Love Lean Beef

A Protein Rich Diet Made Easy        

Comparisons of Lean Beef to a Skinless Chicken Breast

Fatty Acid Profile of Beef

Fatty Acid Comparisons of Beef, Fish, Chicken & Olive Oil

Ground Beef Nutrient Comparisons

Nutrient Comparisons of Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Nutrient Profile of Beef vs. Chicken

Nutrient Profile of Beef vs. Other Foods

Study Sheds Light on the Protein Mystery

Nutrient Content of Lean Ground Beef vs. Ground Turkey

Beef Nutrients

Emerging Health Promoting Components of Beef

Macronutrient Distribution, Diet Plans & Beefs Role

Parity of Beef with Other Dietary Protein Sources

Protein-Quality & Questions

Red Meat & Cancer

The Misunderstood Fat Profile of Beef


Nutrition Research

Fact Sheets

Beef’s Role in Improving Overall Diet Quality-pdf

Beef/Meat Containing vs Vegetarian Diets & Health-pdf

Conjugated Linoleic Acid & Dietary Beef-pdf

Dietary Beef & Exercise-pdf

Macronutrient Distribution-pdf

Meat Protein & Calcium Balance-pdf

Parity of Beef with Other Dietary Protein Sources-pdf

Selenium: Dietary Sources-pdf

Stearic Acid-A Unique Saturated Fat-pdf

Zinc & Immune Response-pdf

Zinc: Dietary Sources-pdf

Research Reports

Iron, Zinc, Dietary Beef & Cognition-pdf


Diets with Either Beef or Plant Protein-doc

The Reduced Ratio of Dietary Carbohydrates-doc

The Role of Leucine-doc

Food Safety

Food Safety FAQ's-doc


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